Mappable is a blog run by Patrick Stotz and Achim Tack that deals with mapping, dataviz & urbanism.

We’ve founded mappable out of fascination for the rapidly growing possibilities in analyzing and mapping urban dynamics. It's the abundance of geocoded data that nowadays offers unprecedented insights into many aspects of city life.

The sources of the data sets we work with is diverse: user generated / crowd sourced content like on wikipedia or open street map, open data released by governments or even corporate data that's been opened up via an API to developers and the public. Infinite are the ideas for applications and mashups that can be generated by using these data sets. Here are some of the, at least in our eyes, most inspiring projects:

While some of them stand out with precise analytic insights into the structure of a specific city or neighborhood, others simply impress by the beauty of their (map) design.

What we aim for at mappable is to find interesting data sets and show what can be done with methods of data analysis & visualization. We do this as a just for fun side-project to our everyday work and work on a non-profit base. If you have any questions about our work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Patrick Stotz

holds a B. Sc. & M. Sc. in Urban Planning (TUHH Hamburg-Harburg & HafenCity University Hamburg). Endlessly fascinated by maps, dataviz & urbanism. Loves to explore new data sets and use new tools to build beautiful, interactive maps and visualizations. Strongly believes that intelligent analytics and visual communication are key to gain meaningful insights from the vast amount of data that's produced everyday. Previously worked as an urban planning research fellow and GIS instructor at HafenCity University Hamburg. Now part of Spiegel Online's data journalism team, analyzing and visualizing data and - of course - making interactive maps.

Achim Tack

holds a diploma in Urban Planning (HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen). Interested in data processing, geoanalytics and -visualization, and how data und can be used to improve our understanding of urban processes.
Works for the Hamburg based urban and infrastructure planning consultancy Gertz Gutsche Rümenapp and as a freelance consultant for "Der Spiegel"  a German weekly news magazine. Main website can be found under


twitter: @PatrickStotz & @A_Tack

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