interactive map realized with StorymapJS – a wonderful & easy to use open source tool by Knight Lab


About this map

From June 2014 till June 2015, I spent one year travelling around the world as a digital nomad. My girlfriend and I chose to leave Hamburg, our apartment & our jobs behind, in order to live in other parts of the world for some time. We stayed in fantastic cities like Brussels, Seoul, Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles, often for 4-6 weeks each time, so we really had a chance to get to know each place and the people living there. We served as house sitters during most of our longer stays, which gave us the opportunity to settle down for a while, get some freelance work done and save some money. In between, we headed on a lot of smaller trips exploring islands, volcanoes, coral reefs, cities, deserts, national parks and whatever was there to explore. I used the map on top, which showed our current position during our longer stays, to get in touch with people from the local mapping, dataviz and open data community. Setting up and maintaining the map with the Story Map tool was super handy and getting in touch with people everywhere around the world made out trip really special.

Patrick Stotz