Mappable was founded back in 2014 out of fascination for the rapidly growing possibilities in analyzing and mapping urban dynamics. The ever increasing amount of geospatial data offered unprecedented insights into many aspects of city life and new and exciting new tools where popping up everywhere.

Our aim at mappable was to find interesting data sets and show what can be done with methods of data analysis & visualization. We started doing this as a just for fun side-project to our everyday work and on a non-profit base. A lot of things changed since then, we both moved on and work full-time in the field, while we’ve apparently neglected blogging here. 

Patrick Stotz

As a data journalist at Spiegel Online, I turn data into visualizations, stories and maps, covering a wide range of topics. Once upon a time I was a research associate in the field of urban planning before my fascination for interactive maps led me to data journalism, joining Spiegel Online in 2015.

A full list of my project can be found here.

Achim Tack

I live in two worlds when it comes to my jobs: On the one hand, I work as a data journalist for Spiegel Online. There I mostly create static maps or do data processing for stories of other authors.
Like Patrick, I did not pursue my roots as a city planner and now lead a team of geographers, developers and data analysts at the management consultancy civity. Unfortunately, many of my works there are not meant to become public, which is why I will still intent to publish smaller fun projects here from time to time. 


mail: mappable@gmx.de
twitter: @PatrickStotz & @A_Tack

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